Social Media Marketing for Plants Nursery

Social Media Marketing for Plants Nursery – Want to sell more plants? Grow new customers with Social Geeks!

Nurseries offer improved living and work quality for homes and businesses. The market for nurseries is increasingly competitive and companies should focus on their customers and brand with a marketing plan. Let your plants breathe life into your customers and let the Social Geeks team grow new business for your nursery.

Social Media Marketing for Plants Nursery

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Target Market Segment Strategy

Our target market is based on becoming a resource for people looking to buy flowers, trees, and garden supplies. Our marketing strategy centers on superior performance in the following areas.

  • Customer service
  • Large selection and fair pricing
  • Quality products

The target markets are separated into three segments; “Residential, Homeowners,” “Commercial Contractors,” and “Renters”. The primary marketing opportunity is selling to these accessible target market segments that focus on the beautification of peoples’ homes and places of business.

Why Plants Nursery Marketing Plan is Necessary?

Although there are a lot of benefits to owning or managing a nursery, a common question people have is why we need a marketing plan. The answer is that we need to understand who our potential customers are and then create a marketing plan to reach our potential customers. Without a marketable product, we won’t be able to get our potential customers to use our business and pay for our services.

Websites and banners are the best examples of technology-focused marketing activity. On this blog, we show a page with an image of a flower to attract prospects. When a visitor checks out the website for more information, banner ads are displayed on the page for future visits. The banner ads are displayed in a way that makes them easily recognizable and easy-to-find landing pages.

However, banners and online advertising can be a widely-used marketing strategy. Since banners are easily recognizable, they are often used in tandem with other website marketing activities. In addition to banners and internet advertising, a number of other methods of marketing strategy work.


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Plants Nursery Online with Social Media

Social media and garden centers are becoming more popular than ever. Everyone has his or her favorite social media outlets. I personally found that Facebook gives me a better opportunity to garden center socially because I have joined many plants, gardening, and butterfly groups, which constantly have conversations going on that I can read, join in on or ignore at my leisure. The downfall to Facebook, in my opinion, can be the negative, argumentative, or know-it-all types who seem to only have a Facebook account to argue with people. Remember, garden social networking is supposed to be a way to unwind, meet kindred spirits and learn new things. Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to social media outlets to find new inspiration and ideas. Twitter has allowed me a much wider platform to share my gardening knowledge and learn from other experts. Each social media platform is unique and beneficial in its own ways. Which one(s) you choose should be based on your own experiences and preferences

Best Marketing Strategy for Plants Nursery

There are numerous fun, creative and engaging social media marketing plan for your garden center to consider in order to boost your online presence and increase foot traffic to your store.

1 – Determine the Niche

2 – Optimize your garden center for local searches

One of the best marketing tactics you can do for your garden center is optimized it for local searches.

3 – Promote limited-time sales to get foot traffic

Unless you also sell products online, getting foot traffic to your garden center is still one of the biggest hurdles your business faces.

4 – Hold a gardening competition on Facebook

People love prizes and gardeners are no exception. Consider holding a competition with a unique prize to show you are inspired by your customers as much you inspire them. Competition shows you value their expertise and is a way to truly share your passion for gardening. Set out a few parameters and then promote the competition and encourage people to share it.

5 – Use Instagram to promote the product and engage your followers

The great thing about garden centers:  they are so beautiful. Gorgeous blooms, vibrant colors, and interesting textures are literally everywhere you look when visiting a garden center. Improve your social marketing by simply sharing more of that. Take photos of plants and post them to your Instagram account. Caption it with the name of the plant, the price, what kind of sun it likes, and how many you have in stock.

6 – Tweet or post to Facebook regularly

Posting on daily basis keeps you on their radar. But fear not, posting regularly can be simple with resources like Buffer, Hootsuite that help you schedule outposts.

7 – Make it easy for customers to share your products and pictures

On the day of Pinterest and Facebook, sharing products, posts, and pictures is vital to growing your brand and rounding out your social media marketing strategy. Make sure you have a Pinterest account for your garden center, add your products to it, and frequently update it as you add content to your website. Remember to generate content and add photos that are worth sharing. People love tips, tricks, and DIY ideas for the garden.

8 – Engage with Your Customers

Social media has become another channel in which customer service needs to be on point. If a customer posts a complaint, address it immediately and quietly. Try to take it private as soon as possible and never fuel the fire. Likewise, if a customer provides a shoutout be sure to thank them, “like” the compliment, and respond with a friendly comment in return. Maybe even show your appreciation to them by offering a discount the next time they come in. Staying engaged with your current customers and followers brings you closer to them and begins to build trust, loyalty, and a relationship – which become major deciding factors when it’s time to go buy plants for their garden.

9 – Use Hashtags for plants nursery or garden center

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