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WooCommerce has been serving eCommerce store owners enchantingly for quite a while now. No wonder around 5 million stores actively installed the free WooCommerce module.

According to Statista, WooCommerce was the worldwide leading e-commerce software platform in 2020, with a market share of 28.24 percent. Squarespace Online Stores and Shopify ranked second and third, with shares of 17.69 and 10.98 percent, respectively.

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What is Social Media Marketing for Your WooCommerce Store?

The internet starts long ago creating a great revolution in the human world, giving way to digital marketing methodologies as we see today.

Social media marketing is the best way for you to take your WooCommerce store to your customers on their favorite social media platforms. In fact, in the current situation of COVID-19, it is the best & only option for fruitful and safe marketing.

Until now, we seem to have discovered all ways to carry your business surrounding the new trends that keep shooting with time.

Like all that, social media plays one of the vital roles. Social media is the dominating force of modern civilization.

Social media marketing for your WooCommerce store refers to the use of social media platforms and social media channels as a marketing tool to promote your online business.

It could be anything from images to videos and content for your customers.

An additional platform apart from your WooCommerce store, where they can find your top products and give reviews, feedback for your work, making it available even for those who may not have checked out your WooCommerce store.

If you have a WooCommerce store owner and still not using social media platforms for promotion and marketing, then you are lacking your potential customer base.

WooCommerce gives easy customization for your online store or online products and social media is a marketing tool for lead generation programs.

Marketing Goal for your WooCommerce Store

Here are some of the marketing goals for your WooCommerce Store:

  • Increased traffic
  • Increase Leads
  • Increase sales
  • Generate revenue
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Improve brand visibility and online Public Relations

Content Marketing Strategy for WooCommerce Store

Content marketing is the best marketing that involves a strategic approach in creating, curating, distributing, and sharing content in other to educate, engage, improve brand visibility, generate leads, inform, and achieve your marketing goals.

Blog Posts

This one of the oldest ways of doing traditional content marketing. It involves creating blog posts, articles, stories, updates, etc.


Infographics provide visually appealing content. Use graphics to create content based on information, facts, statistics which users can view at a glance.

Content Formats for Your WooCommerce Store Marketing Plan

Content can come in different formats, here are some of the formats below:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Email Newsletter
  • FAQs
  • Q and A
  • Webinars
  • Memes
  • Trending News
  • Photo collage

Social Media Marketing Strategy for your WooCommerce Store

Have a look at our clients work done:


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Marketing Strategy for WooCommerce Online Store

Build Brand Identity

It helps in establishing strong brand awareness and identity. This is because quality content means more traffic, more traffic means more reach and more reach will definitely convert to more brand influence.

Use the right social media platforms

Social media is now one of the most popular content marketing strategies. It involves posting highly engaging content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Snapchat, Youtube, etc.

YouTube Videos

As content, Videos are still one of the most popular content marketing strategies which allow you to cover a lot within a short time. Videos offer both images, animation, sound, graphics, and texts.

Create and Share Value for Generating Leads

Social media provides you enough exposure to connect to your customers, so make sure you do not miss any opportunity to cultivate value for them. Here, you need to focus on content marketing.

best way to Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way to help you move ahead in social media marketing.

Don’t just include common tags, but go for the bigger brand tags or community-based tags.

You can create your own WooCommerce store brand hashtag and ask your customers to use the same.

This will enable you to track what your consumers and followers have to say about your online presence or brand.

Brush Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for WooCommerce Store

With the increase in popularity of social media websites, polishing your social media marketing strategy becomes essential.

You need to monitor your performance constantly and which also applies to other strategy segments for the success of your WooCommerce store.

Mobile Strategy for Your WooCommerce Store

The number of mobile phone users checking out your WooCommerce store might increase day by day.

With the increase in mobile phone users, you need to make your WooCommerce store mobile-friendly.

Create short, catchy, and meaningful captions and change your content for small screens.

Offers, discounts, and giveaways

There’s no need to explain this part because it’s evident that every WooCommerce store needs some exciting deals to captivate shoppers. You should put yourself in their shoes and think like your audience.

  • Customers love discounts without an occasion! So, set up a mid-season sale or just a loyalty offer with a personalized coupon to make them feel special.
  • If they abandon a cart with a specific product category, provide a discount on that category right away.
  • Holidays are hectic times for online shops. Don’t forget to set up a sale. Likewise, stock-clearing sales by the new year and top-customer discounts work pretty well too.
  • Provide a “referral discount” to buyers if they refer your site to others.
  • Set a “Giveaway” event for holidays like Christmas to attract customers for the future.
  • Create product bundles and packages for similar or complementary products to be sold together.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial for the product you are confident with.

Let’s take your business to next level

So, is it too early to call you,’ the master’ of social media marketing for your WooCommerce store? If you ask me, it’s an unquestionable no.

Social media marketing has the power to give a marked transformation to your WooCommerce Store where you guide customers and bring them what they eventually need.

You are now all set to give a makeover to the social media marketing for your WooCommerce store.

Marketing Strategy for WooCommerce Store 

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