Social Media Marketing for Interior Designers

Social Media Marketing for Interior Designers – Want more clients? The right interior design marketing strategies (and the right advertising partner) will help you get them from Social Geeks!

Each & Every day, there are millions of people who are renovating their homes and offices, and that is where the Best Online marketplace of interior designers comes into play.

People want the ultimate design for everything.

As much, they spend most of their time online trying to find the perfect combination for their interiors.

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Interior Designer Marketing Plan

An interior Designer business needs a marketing plan that determines how to find more clients who need interior decorating services, how the business can meet the needs and wants of the clients it is pursuing, and to guide the interior business toward profitability.

When 95% of marketers are using social media to drive business, you know it’s something you should be doing too. But how to do it is not always as clear.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is the best way to promote your business, keep up on industry leaders and engage with your audience. Just be sure you have goals and a plan of action to achieve them, otherwise you might find that it takes too much time away from what you do best— interior design.

Purpose of Social Media Marketing for Interior Designers

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Connect with your audience
  • Find new leads
  • Drive sales

Active on these Social Media Platforms:

You can choose numerous platforms to connect with your audience, including:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, which is why you need to pick your platforms strategically.

Facebook: Still the number one social network, reaching 81% of the digital population, so a safe bet for any kind of business.

Twitter: If you’re looking to connect with other interior designers and follow trends in the industry, Twitter is the place to do it.

Instagram: More personal than professional, but another great place to showcase your work.


Pinterest: Great for sharing visual content, and with categories like Home Decor and Design trending, you’re bound to find your audience here.

You should also think about your target audience demographics (age, income, etc.) when picking platforms. The Pew Research Center has the data you need to know.

Social media profiles for your interior design business should be set up with just as much care and consideration as other listings of your business. But you’re a professional, so let’s assume you know how to do this. What you might not know how to do is create awesome content.

Create image content

Photos and images are important for your social media strategy — research has shown that visual content by far drives the most engagement.

Connect with your right audience

As a business on social media, you need to make extra efforts to ensure to your audience that you aren’t only there to market to them. Nobody’s fond of a salesman, which is why engaging with your audience is so important to help you establish credibility and trust.

Respond to comments on your content, share great design info and tips, and repost content you think your audience would like. In other words — be social.

Why Choose Social Geeks for Your Interior Designing Marketing Services?

Social Geeks is much more than a marketing vendor—we truly see ourselves as a partner to your interior design business. Because we’ve been experts in the remodel and design industry for so long, we are able to market your business as if it were ours—meaning we truly understand your services, products, sales process, competitors, industry, and markets.

Although we service all industries, we have extensive experience helping designers just like you get more leads and sales from the web. Call us today and we’ll refer you to our clients!

Does your interior design company need social media marketing agency help?

Social Geeks is the best marketing agency that can help you achieve your business goals with a variety of marketing strategies.

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