Social Media Marketing for Ladies Beauty Salons

Social Media Marketing for Hair Salons – Are you looking for salon marketing and you want to advertise to grow your salon business? Social Geeks is here for you to create the plan of your hair salon business.

Social media is the best way to engage with your current and potential customers spread more awareness about your services or products.

With the increasing use of social media in every industry, it’s crucial that businesses know how to connect with customers and use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in a way that customers will enjoy and that will benefit your business.

If you ask us, the hair salon business is the best business in the world. If you want to be successful in the hair salon industry, it helps to be informed.

Social Media Marketing for Ladies Beauty Salons

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Whether you’re considering opening a salon of your own or you’re curious about the industry, below we have gathered some of the most statistics or market needs about the salon business.

The Global Hair Salon Market Trends, development, and marketing channels are analyzed. On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, and market share, and growth rate of each type primarily split into

  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Shampooing
  • Coloring

Hair Salon Market Needs

The market need is for a one-stop, convenient, hair salon that is skilled and reasonably priced, serving the entire family.

  • Convenience: Cranium can serve the entire family with no appointment necessary. Additionally, Cranium’s storefront is in a centrally located area.
  • Customer Service: Serving the customer with superior attention is what the employees are trained to provide.
  • Competitive Pricing: Cranium offers pricing that is a bit more than a traditional barber but far less than a dedicated women’s hair salon.

Welcome to Ladies Beauty Salons Marketing

Get more new clients and Increase sales in 2021

If you’re running a salon, you want to stand out from the crowd to hook shoppers like others! Here is discuss social media strategy to grow your customer base and stay on top of your marketing field.

How to Effectively Use Social Media Platforms for Your Salon Business?

Below are some steps on how you can leverage your salon’s social media pages to attract people to your business.

Listed on Google My Business – Since 83 percent of the searches are done using Google, being listed on Google My Business is important for marketing your salons.

Yelp – Yelp is something that millennials are bound to check before visiting your salon, so being listed can help them find your salon with ease.  Even a half of a star more than the salon down the block will help you get more customers. This makes having a strong Yelp profile very important.

Manage Online Salon Reviews

Eight out of ten consumers say that they trust reviews and online recommendations just as much as if a friend were to give them the recommendation. That is a must for your business.

Complete your profiles 

Too many online users, your social media page is their first point of contact with your business – so be sure all the important information is there. Once you’ve created your Facebook and Instagram page, check to see if you have these on your profile pages:

  • About 
  • Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP)
  • Website URL

Know your targeted demographics

Valuable Content

To attract potential clients, you need to give them a reason to keep following you. Does your page offer any value or benefit to them? You can do this by creating useful content.

Post Regularly

To forge relationships with your clients and potential clients, you must be consistent in posting updates. This signals that you are up to date with the current trends and willing to interact with your community.

Transformation Photos and Videos

Share before-and-after pictures and videos to show potential clients what you and your team can do for their hair.

Engage your Audience

Many people like sharing their thoughts on social media. Use that to your advantage by creating conversations with your clients. Join and create Facebook groups. Ask questions that might interest them. Give away products that they might like and possibly, repost. And most importantly, respond to comments and inquiries. This sends a message that you value their voice. Doing these will not only boost your social media authority but also help you build long-term relationships with clients.


Offers/Discounts is easy to make for them to choose your salon by offering senior discounts to your regulars.

Use Salons Hashtags 

With so many couples announcing their #engagements or planning bachelor/bachelorette parties on Instagram and Facebook, complete with a wedding hashtag, you can be proactive! Simply search for engagements, find the owner of the hashtag, and slide into their direct messages with a sales pitch.

Birthday Promotions

Offer small birthday rewards to your regular clients, as well as offering them a group discount for them and their closest friends to get pampered before their big birthday celebration.

Post Video Content

Create engaging videos that tell your brand’s story, or shoot mini-videos, reels during and after your services to show off new styling and color techniques.

Giveaway Alerts

Create small promotional items like shirts, retail, and other salon branded items to send your clients home with. Your name will always be around wherever they take your gift.

 Offer online booking

Set up simple and accessible Online appointment booking options for clients to book services even when the business itself is closed, otherwise, you’re losing out on scheduling appointments!

Thoughts on Hair Salon Marketing

Hopefully, after reading this you got some ideas on how to help your salon business gain more customers.

We are interested in hearing what you do to market your salon and stand out from your competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Ladies Beauty Salons

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