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Social Media Marketing for Home Decor

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Everybody knows Home décor is a way that a house or apartment is decorated with various furnishings and accessories that make it look more appealing.

Home Decor Market

Home décor has been a popular consumer interest market for a decade now. The growth of the home décor market is increasing significantly, including the emerging economies where home accessories and other related products are gaining high acceptance in the home décor market. The impact of this factor in home décor market is expected to increase during the forecast period due to the growth of the real estate industry in the large cities and transformation from traditional to urban living.

Existence of brands on conventional social media has become unavoidable. However, having a mere existence is not enough. The formal brand page or handle needs to represent the central values of a brand in order to enjoy awareness of the target audience and consumers.

These factors vary from brand to brand, yet definiteessentials remain continuous. For example, content on a home décor brand will be dissimilar than fashion brand. Though the basic components of content formation will remain the same, the ultimate product will be heavily influenced by target audience of a particular brand.

There are few tricks to cater efficiently to home décor audience. We are sure they will come useful to you too.

Animated Photos

One can never misjudge the worth of the content. But in-home decor world, pictures of the productive visuals that go on social media offer more worth. When followers see a product offered by the brand, they see far off of what product has to offer. When a product is placed in a setting, it gives an instant idea to followers about how it will add value to their space. Instead of single-product photos, photograph of entire setting, mining a better chord with followers. It can even convince followers to become consumers.


One of the finest and certain shot ways to extant engagement, followership and friction is create contests. The contest should be entertainment, calm to solve, product related and make use of gravitate and applicable hashtags. Always make sure that following the brand, tagging friends use of right hashtags is compulsory to win. This helps in getting new followers with every stint.

Sustain a Format

Format is required to sustain branded content. The format can include font types that are authorised, border type if any, logo positioning or even selectingcolour scheme. These small details give a professional look to the content being uploaded. Such formats are acknowledgedsenselessly by the follower and helps in starting a connection.

Home décor brands should have non-identical formats for product posts and ‘products in a setting’ posts. It will not only help in establishing branded content, also add an edge to your content.

Be Compatible

The social media platforms need to have compatible updates to maintain balanced interest of followers. The content can be around; approaching offers on products, new range that is going be started. Complete reveal on social platforms, before revealing on other mediums. Though it sounds like cleanliness work, but helps to continue interest of the followers.

Assemble the Furthering

Spreading your follower base on social media can be a difficult task. Hence taking help of tools to speed up the growth is compulsory. Task maker activity, in this case the products, campaigns or brands are encouraged with the help of social media influencers who have enormous following. Also, increasing the post is also one of the ways to assemble the promotion of brand on social media.


Gone are the days when consumer used to approach consumer care number for their queries. Nowadays they straight way text to social media platforms. Since, a brand is approached together by various followers, it becomes physically impossible to solve all the queries. This is where (talkbots) chatbots, come into play. The biggest advantages of chatbots include being able to reach a wide section of audience and the ability to automate personalized messages. They also can improve oranization by taking over tasks for which humans are not essential.


Blogs have penetrated in every section of brands. There are specialist bloggers for each category. In today’s world, everything is googled first. Hence, blogs play an important role in creating first impression about the brands. Since bloggers are not affiliated with any particular media, their opinion is valued and trusted by the people. Hence, occasional blogger activity around, new product launch, product reviews can strengthen your brands position in market.

Social Media increasingly navigating our Home Decor Options

Recent marketing research suggests that people are certainlydetermined by platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Are you swingeds by what you’ve got on your Pinterest board when decorating your home? Do Instagram shots of people’s homes inspire you to copy the ideas and buy the same products? If so, you are one of a growing number of people who are influenced by social media when designing their homes.

Simply put, a successful social media campaign uses one or more social media channels to:

  • Promote a product/service
  • Build brand awareness
  • Create a sense of community

It unites people around a common interest or experience, and ideally, creates a trend.

Having only a website isn’t enough to expose one’s brand to his or her target audience. Business owners need to start establishing a presence on mainstream social media as well. If you own or manage a home décor firm and did not use social media platforms before, you have come to the right place. Below are a few basic tips to help strengthen the brand-consumer relationship on social media.


Home Decor Marketing

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