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Social media is a powerful tool to gain exposure, whether you’re hosting a physical conference or an online event.

Social Media Marketing for Event Promotions

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Event Promotion Market Growth/Industry

Analysis: The great news for the concert industry is that music fans in North America forked over a record $1.5 billion to buy concert tickets in 1999, according to industry trade magazine StarRate. The bad news for fans is that this feat was accomplished by increasing ticket prices rather than by increasing attendance.

Approaches to Promote Your Event Planning Business

As you develop your event planning business, it’s impor­tant to market in order to grow your client base. Following are eight ideas for advertising and promoting your event planning business:

Tips For Promoting Your Event On Social Media


Your first temptation here might be to run a “Share this event with friends” or “Tag a friend” competition. Too bad: Facebook is pretty strict about competitions that require people to share things on their personal profiles:

Promotions may be administered on Pages or within apps on Facebook. Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions.

Don’t let this discourage you. Here are a few things you can do:

  • “Caption this photo” contest
  • “Vote for your favorite [option]” contest
  • Competitions that ask people to comment on a post

Whenever your guests engage with your competitions, there’s a chance your event gets exposed to their friends and help you reach new audiences.


Twitter does allow you to encourage people to follow your page and RT the competition, so use that to your advantage. Think up competitions that encourage people to be creative and come up with curious answers to questions or tweet about their preferences.

Hashtags really come into vital role here. Consider prefacing your tweets with #EVENT or #COMPETITION or building your whole competition around a special hashtag that mentions your event.

Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest

Take advantage of the visual nature of these and build your competitions around people posting creative photos. Encourage them to use your hashtag or event logo in their photos.

This is a great way to gather photo material for your own marketing. Just remember to make it clear in your terms and conditions that you might use their photos for this purpose.

Create a hashtag

A branded hashtag is a handy way for you and your guests to find all content related to your event across social channels.

Create a hashtag that hasn’t had much prior use so that your event doesn’t get buried in a mountain of irrelevant content.

The most useful hashtags are not just unique; they’re short and easy to spell. The shorter, the better, too. Remember, you’ll want to fit in a shortened URL to the event page within your character limit as well.

Use your hashtag on all your social media content, and include it on other marketing collateral as well, even printed materials.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Organic Search Results

Your event website is one of the most important parts of your promotion strategy—it’s where attendees will look at for event information and updates. When it comes to your event SEO strategy, there are some pretty specific event website hacks every planner should know.

Optimize for Voice Search. Offer content with very specific keywords or purposes so your event pages can easily reach the top of voice-search results from smart devices.

Rank High for Event Specific Keywords. Spend more time targeting long-tail keywords than short ones. Long-tail keywords are more specific, target a niche audience for your event, and tend to be over three words. These will have a much lower search volume and allow your event page to stand out more.

SEO-Centric Event Site. Build your web pages around these keywords by offering content that fills each phrase in a unique and relevant way.

Mobile Responsiveness is Key. While less tickets are bought through mobile devices, many event-goers research events on their phones before completing a purchase. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and not just optimized.

Only use high-quality links. Google and other search engines are able to recognize non-reputable links, relying on these will likely result in site penalization by these search engines. A high-quality links is characterized by being embedded in reputable sources, located near the top of your page, and linked through your targeted keyword for the page.

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