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If you have a boutique business or online boutique, you probably know the huge list of competitors you have out there. There are online boutiques, physical boutiques, élite boutiques and wide range of boutiques. What’s more and impossible as it sounds, all these fashion stores work? Irrespective of the level and the quality of their product, these fashion boutiques still manage to generate sales, no matter how low or high.

If there are ample fashion stores out there, then why should a customer buy from your boutique? What’s your specialty, or why should you be considered better than your competitors? To lead the race, you need to go the extra mile. Whatever your competitors do, you need to go a step ahead. In the current world, where almost 51% of the population is spending time on the internet, imagine how powerful your business and your brand will become if you opt for reliable digital marketing boutique promotion.

Social Media Marketing for Boutiques

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Get your business going with SOCIAL MEDIA

Why Social Media?

There are many of reasons why businesses need social media in today’s digital world. From increasing awareness of a business, to developing relationships with potential clients, to selling products or services – social media has become essential for success.

Boutique Marketing Social Services


There are 3.1M active users on Facebook – this is the Social Media Giant and one you should be utilising!


Twitter has 500K users – and is the only Social Media platform with more male users than female!


There are 600k on LinkedIn, using the platform to network with other business professionals.


With 500K users, Pinterest is a great platform for businesses – especially if you’re in retail.


With 1.4M active users, Instagram is a great place for your business to be discovered!

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What are the reasons to choose Social Media Marketing for Boutiques?

It’s affordable and effective

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn’t reach the right people. With Social Media you can target the people that matter for as little as $1 a day.

You can build relationships

Building a relationship with customers is more important than ever. And Social Media is the perfect place for people to get to know your business on a personal level.

Google ranks you better

Business pages are highly indexed by major search engines due to the huge popularity of Social Media. Plus the fact that content is constantly refreshed.

Boutique Marketing’s SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES

Social Media Management

We’ll manage your Social Media for you!

  • Posts that will drive engagement and results
  • Ads that will help you achieve your goals
  • Relationship building with your followers
  • Building your Social profile

Social Strategies

You’re Blueprint for Success!

  • Setting Business Goals and making them Social Goals
  • Social Audit and Clean Up to make sure your accounts are set up for success!
  • Establishing Target Audience so that you can target the people who matter to your business
  • Competitor Analysis seeing what’s working for them and what’s not
  • Social Media Mangement / Strategy Implementation once we’ve got all the info we put together a strategy for your business and then train you on everything you need to know to implement it.

So, let’s boost your Facebook Page that you will get more leads!

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