Social Media Marketing for Psychologists – Do you want to increase the number of clients booking appointments with you? Social media marketing can be a great source of referrals, or it can be a time and resource drain on your practice.

To help you leverage social media effectively, consider the following when building and executing a social media strategy for your counseling or therapy practice.

Social Media Marketing for Psychologists

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By analysing human psychology and its impact on consumer behavior, you can identify what could determine consumers to buy your products or services once they feel or perceive the need for it. Social networks provide plenty of information about what consumers want or hope for, and can even draw a picture of what inspires them.

When you base your social media marketing research and strategies on human psychology, everything becomes clearer. You are no longer launching campaigns in the dark but have a clear understanding of what your audience expects to receive.

“In social media marketing, psychology trumps technology.”

The Psychology of Social Media Marketing

Did you Know the psychological principles behind every social media platform and identify what determines consumers to buy.

Step 1) Where Are You Going?

Determine your intention. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to attract? Your goals will drive all of your actions and plans for the the social web. Define a clear social media intention. Know the results you want to achieve and write them down.

Step 2) Define Your Business Niche in Social Media

The social media space is crowded beyond belief. Define your niche as rigorously as you can. Your definition might include:

Location: where are your clients located?

Area: what needs will you address? (Examples might include anxiety, bullying, etc.)

Ability to pay: specific insurance plans or clients who can pay out of pocket.

Target: who do you need to reach? (Examples: professional referrals, parents, court officers, others.)

Step 3) Pick Your Social Media Platform

Choose the social media platform or platforms that will enable you to reach your niche. Within that platform, you may need to narrow down to specific groups or communities. By focusing, you can working effectively and reach the people whom you want to target.

Step 4) Share Your Passion

Share your passion in everything you do on social media. You are passionate about healing and helping. That passion, that sense that you can help, needs to reach your target audience in your posts and responses.

Step 5) Post, and Post Effectively

Build your expert status and credibility. You need to post frequently, and keep your posts focused on your areas of expertise. However, you do not want to be blatantly self-promoting.

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