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Social Media Marketing for Books

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Social Media Marketing For Books or Bookstore – Increasing Bookstore Sales with us!

You might be admiring: how do you completely promote your book on social media platforms? You’re the writer, so you wrote it. Shouldn’t your publisher and marketing team take care of the rest? No. You must be confusing in this process to make it successful. If you’re a self-published author, in particular, you’re the one answerable for all promotional activities.

Marketing a book successfully on social media doesn’t refer to the volume of time you spend, in fact, there’s very little interaction.

You can spend a lot of time on social without doing anything particularly advantageous. No, that wasn’t meant to be a joke but I’ll understand if you’re a social media doubter who’s laughing – but don’t run off just yet, this was no excuse to keep your head in the sand.

We’ll give you hints on how to develop an adequate social media marketing campaign for your book.

Start a Facebook Contest

You want to show that you acknowledged your Facebook followers for encouraging you on this journey. You can easily do that by giving away few copies of your newly-published book. Just invite them to share why they want the book and tag a friend who would also like it. Then, you’ll send free copies for this fan and the friend they tagged.

This strategy works because it makes people want your book, but it also brings new hidden readers towards your page.

Create Great Promotional Content

Most writers think that creating fan pages and collaborating with the audience would be enough. It’s not enough. You have to be the one generating that interaction, and you’ll do that with great promotional content published on a regular basis.

The problem with most professional writers is that they don’t know how to write content for marketing purposes. You just wrote a dazzling book, but you have no idea how to create buzz.

Start an Instagram Campaign

Instagram offers several connections for successful promotion through images, tags, live videos, stories, comments, and connections. Use them well!

Share Photos of People Reading Your Book

This is another popular strategy for authors promoting books on social media. Once you dispatch the book, ask your followers to share a moment with it. Don’t forget: they need to use a special hashtag, so you and all your followers can see the post.

Use Immense Visuals

The social media environment is all about the visuals. Pay attention to all design elements, such as color, shape, size, and adjustment. You need to identify that special vibe that you’re going to spread throughout all your posts on social media. When people see a new image, they should observe it’s yours.

Run social media ads

Social media ad platforms change all the time, but the great news is that they’re usually getting better and more users friendly. This means targeting is easier and more clear-cut, and you have more authority over how your money is spent.

Have a look our work samples:

Brand your social media images

Canva makes this super simple. Not only can you work from templates to inspire your imagination, they handle the sizing and formatting for you as well.

Make your blog posts easy to share

Apps like Add this or Share this should come out with each post, and Click to tweet creates clickable tweets right within your content.

You also want to write content that inspires people to share!

If you write fantasy be sure you’re teasing upcoming releases and discussing topics and famous culture that interests your target reader market.

Run a participation contest

Ask fans to share or re-tweet your posts for a chance to achieve bonus content, a signed copy of your book, or other fun prizes.

Social Media Strategies Authors Use to Sell More Books

No matter what you write or how you choose to publish, the majority of authors can agree on one thing: social media has reconsidered the way books are promoted.

Create a Facebook Community around the Theme of Your Book

One of the best ways to promote your book online is to create a Facebook community around the theme of your book. By creating a Facebook Group for your book’s topic, you can easily bring together individuals who share a familiar interest.

Create an Author Fan Club

With an author fan club, all your members get an opportunity to chat and ask questions in a closed setting. Many authors have successfully used this strategy to promote their book and passionately connect with their fans.

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