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Explore why construction companies need to develop a strong social media marketing strategy to achieve their digital goals.

Construction companies can use social media as a channel to control the conversation about their brand, share important news about their organisation and importantly, to engage a demographic suitable for recruitment. Social media platforms host a huge audience for construction companies that they might not otherwise be able to reach. An audience of digital natives that could help the construction industry move forward in a digital era.

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Social Media Strategy for Construction Companies | Construction Contractors

So here’s the strategy, we’re going to position you as the dream contractor people want to work with.  Having your social media accounts as your virtual business cards can build trust with people you’re going to work with.

This is split up into 4 parts:

  • Awareness Advertising
  • Showcasing Work
  • Giving Advice to Other Construction Businesses
  • Networking with Potential Clients

Each part plays a big role in this whole process, and I’m going to go over each one and show you exactly how to handle this whole social media thing.


  • Set Up a Business Profile
  • Target Your Niche Audience
  • Creative Posts and Description
  • Run Facebook Ads


Instagram is not only a platform for uploading personal photos and videos. Business and construction companies are also using Instagram widely for their promotions and they are getting the required leads. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, which is a vast market, just like Facebook, to promote your construction company.

Instagram is also the fastest growing social media platform. We are providing social media tips for construction companies for the proper use of your Instagram account.

Switch to Business Account

To gain the required audience for your construction company, you will need to switch to a business account. A business account on social media gives you many more options. You can add your construction company related things like at what time does the office opens and closes. You can also add the address of your construction company office and a contact number. With the business account, you will also get access to call to action button.

Use High-Quality Images

Not only for the personal accounts, but quality pictures are really eye-catching on Instagram for construction companies too. A quality picture will urge the audience to like and comment on your posts and it can help to put your post in exploring. You can either use professional photography or could simply use a mobile phone camera.

Uniformity is the need of every Instagram page to attract the audience. Fix the shadow and brightness of the picture before posting them.

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You can also upload the pictures on Instagram stories. There are 500 million daily active stories on Instagram. Stories are new trends now. They are easy to access by just clicking on the profile picture of the account. Also, add location or hashtag in the story. It will help to recommend your story in the explore page or in the hashtag list.

Add caption, Location and Hashtags

Hashtags: are one of the most powerful features of social media. Hashtags are those that make topics trend on Twitter. A hashtag can be used effectively. It will display your construction company’s tweet. You have to incorporate one or two words from your tweet with hashtags, like #construction or #canada. You can use the name of the locality where you conduct your business. Putting these hashtags in your tweets will give your tweet more visibility in the community and you can target audience better. Including the hashtag with your locality will give you the visibility to the audience of that area which would be really helpful to gain customers at your real-time office.

Captions: Explain the pictures with captions. The captions used should not be much lengthy and complicated. The caption should sound professional, and make the captions look engaging rather than making them look like an advertisement.

Locations: Locations will add a benefit of speaking about any new project that is being constructed. Instagram will access your GPS location to suggest a nearby place, or you can look for any specific address you want.

When your post is tagged with the location, your post will appear to the users in the location list. People will know that your company is holding a construction project in that area.

Upload Videos on Intsgram

You can use the videos vividly to capture and upload it showing something being constructed. Use time-lapse video showing the construction of a small home. Capture the movements of workers, how they work to bring out the best in a construction project. People like to see such posts on Instagram. You can go to elevated heights on the building and can show the sunset view. Using a camera with a tripod to capture the video and using software to cut it down to 60 seconds or less is ideal.

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