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Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Introduction

Social Media Marketing is a process of creating business pages on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, optimizing those pages with quality content in terms of text, videos, images and Info graphics engaging with users and driving traffic to website to generate leads and conversions.

Social Media Marketing is often referred to a concept called ICE (Interaction, Communication and Engagement). Effective Social Media Marketing boils down to the point of how we engage with users. It’s all about listening to them, understanding their requirements and offering customized products, services and solutions.

Why to choose social media as a marketing platform?

The reasons are manifold and every one of it significant! Objectively, social media has the following advantages:

It is robust and powerful

It has emerged as the most potent innovation on the web in the recent years. Rather it is determining social dynamics and trends. Enormous scale firms and freelance experts have turned to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin among others to maintain real time interface. This has emerged as highly successful for the med practitioners.

We know that remaining connected helps doctor and their clinics to increase better presence in their area of practice. We along perform positive substitution of your brand and name into the social networks so that your presence is optimized.


Advertising and publicity campaigns are never inexpensive but these platforms are! It is only an instance of leveraging a parallel phenomenon for your sake and we have developed marked expertise in achieving that for you and your clinic/medical brand.

Also, social connections bring in earned media which is seen as more authentic rather than paid media through traditional channels.

Tracking progress quotients

Social networks are a great way to track one’s progress on the basis of what others are saying for your medical practice and how you are being perceived! We create essential social media linkages to keep you informed in real time through the feedbacks for your medical brand/hospital/clinic.

Communicate directly

Healthcare experts are getting into the habit of directly communicating with their patients and followers at the social media platforms.

Influence Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Social Presence 

The changing landscape of hospital and healthcare Industry that their social media marketing strategy has evolved in the past few years.

Hospital marketers now use social media as a tool for connecting with customers, and healthcare practices are beginning to use social marketing to reach out to their patients and potential patients.

Online marketing is a binding and huge opportunity to reach new patients and grow your healthcare practice.

It has become important to find effective ways of communicating with patients outside of clinical settings, through newer media channels for various other purposes like- to increase market share, increase profitability, keep a track of competitors, and most of all, engage with patients that is a one-to-one connectivity.

The Need for Social Media Management/Marketing

Hundreds and thousands of people around the globe access social media websites every single minute on any given day. These platforms are incredibly easy, inexpensive and simple to use simply because they are backed by advanced web technologies. This implies that if you choose to ignore the presence and capabilities of healthcare social media marketing in Chandigarh for establishments, then you are doing it at your own risk.

Advantages of Social Media in Hospital Marketing:

  • Enhanced reputation and brand building
  • Extending engagement, loyalty and referrals
  • Providing health and healthy-living information
  • Crisis communications
  • Shaping patient expectations and experience to provide patient satisfaction
  • Reduced costs through advertising budgets
  • Transparency about the quality of healthcare and patient safety

Why Social Geeks is the best Social Media Marketing for Hospitals?

At Social Geeks, we use advanced and appropriate SMM tools to help healthcare practices promote their clinic on various social media portals. Our Social Media Management specialists use varied analytical tools to create posts/messages that cater to your target clients/patients.

From combing your healthcare content with feedback shared by your users to promote your services, we dig deeper into every aspect of your social media marketing requirements to provide you with professional and profitable social media marketing solutions. Our goal as the leading healthcare social media management service provider is to enhance your brand reputation on different social media platforms that further enables you to achieve your business goals and targets.


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