Social Media Political Campaign Strategy and Planning for India – People often see politics as a ‘divine way’ through which worthy candidates work for the benefits of a city, state or a country. However, we often tend to forget that politics is also a full-time profession for which the representatives are paid a salary.

Like in any other profession, marketing plays an integral role in politics as well. Many renowned figures have used the knowledge and skill of Social Media Marketing (SMM) to their advantage and have seen a remarkable increase in their supporters and popularity over a course of time, especially via Twitter.

In this post, we will take a look at how SMM can help both aspiring and established leaders attract more limelight and fame.

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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Political Campaign

Given below are a number of benefits of using Social Media for your political interests:

  • Build trust among sceptics
  • Provide fact-driven data to showcase your practical approach towards problem-solving
  • Run campaigns and promote upcoming events among the masses.
  • Don’t make this mistake

Politicians sometimes tend to think that since they are well-known personalities on television, they do not require any more promotion through social media. However, they forget the fact that many a youth do not follow politics and spend a lot of time on social networking portals; as a result, the former loses many opportunities to attract the youth with their ideologies.

Make your name a brand!

The cunning world of politics is not much different than the commercial one. Hence, a successful politician should focus on become more than just a name – a brand name! For instance, consider India’s incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin; they are sheer brand names in themselves. How? Partly because of a very strong social media presence.

Look no further than Donald Trump’s election campaign

In case you want to check out an instance where a renowned personality made a big impact through social media, look no further than former American President Donald Trump’s triumph in 2016/17.

Trump and his team first began with a $2 million campaign on Facebook. He, in fact, had an entire team of over 100 data scientists, content writers and copywriters operate from an office in San Antonio, throughout the weeks of voting, wherein he was lagging far behind his adversary, Hillary Clinton.

Witnessing the huge gap in the number of votes in the first few days of the elections, the senior members of his team decided to invest a whopping $150 million more in social media advertisements and target young women and African-Americans. Despite many allegations, the Republican Party candidate emerged victorious in a striking fashion and showed us all how social media can play an integral role in the flourishing of our affairs.

Social media to raise funds

An imperative part of any political activity is to raise funds via donations. Almost all social sites permit parties to raise money from people via ads. Some candidates also put a donation link in their Bio’ so that followers could send funds without any hesitance.

Express yourself and answer people’s questions live!

Many politicians, especially those serving at the local level, can address people’s concern by coming live often. Furthermore, as a politician, you can hire professionals like SocialGeeks to run ad campaigns and generate quality informative content to keep your followers engaged with upcoming events and social-welfare programmers.

Check your facts twice before publishing anything

The opposition party and ‘trollers’ are on their toes to jump at any small mistake that you make by posting incorrect facts. Therefore, it is really important that you double-check all the facts before they hit your social media accounts. A professional team of experts like ours can do this on your behalf and save you from unnecessary trolling.

Remember that not everyone is interested in politics

Identifying the right groups of audiences to target is a skill in itself. With this in your mind, you can make the most out of your paid advertisement campaigns. To get the maximum possible reach and engagements, you should take a good look at a few parameters of your audience, such as ‘age-group’, ‘gender’, ‘interests’, etc.

Create more graphics-oriented content

When it comes to user engagement, posting simple sentences stands nowhere in comparison to info-graphics, images and videos. No matter what profession are you into, good graphics will definitely catch more eye-balls and lead to better rate of conversion.

Get on-board experienced content/creative writers

It is a commonly-known fact that the human brain forgets most of what it reads in a very short span of time. Hence, as a politician, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have some experienced writers on-board who can come up with creative slogans, hashtags and deep one-liners. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain (Donald Trump) and #AbkiBarModiSarkaar (Narendra Modi) are a few catchphrases for instance which leave a lasting impact for years.

Be proactive!

If possible, form a separate team that keeps an eye on all the latest trending topics. Then run a brainstorming session with your entire crew and come up with ideas as to how you can immediately contribute to it in a way that resonates well with your audience. Try refraining from raking up a controversy which may hurt your follower count and public image.

Follow these Do’s and Dont’s

As a politician, it is your moral duty to not offend any. A part of this can be achieved by adhering to the below rules:

  • Do not provoke resentment from a particular section of the society by commenting on controversial/religious matters.
  • Motivate your followers to not take any trolling to the heart and maintain decorum during discussion within comments and threads.
  • Do not post unverified facts and claims that you may have to delete after a heated argument-battle with the opposition.
  • Comply with the all the ad-posting rules of respective social media portals. The rules vary a lot from platform to platform; non-compliance to the rules may lead to the termination of your account and may cause frustration.

Communicate your thoughts effectively to your team

Poor communication of your thoughts to your social media marketing team could lead to dis-satisfactory and delayed campaigns. Lay out a plan and hand it over to your team after a detailed discussion about what your ideals are and how you wish to fare through the said campaigns. Meanwhile also start working on your oratory skills; the best leaders out there have at least one thing in common and that is their spell-bounding speech and eloquent expression.

SocialGeeks is here to help!

We hope that with all the above-mentioned stats, figures, and correct techniques you would now be more-than-ever convinced of the power of social media marketing, even in the field of politics. Remember that no battle is ever won alone; and in your battle for social media marketing, SocialGeeks is always at your service.

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