Social Media Marketing for DentistsGone are the days when dentists used to depend solely on positive word-of-mouth to acquire new patients.

With the ever-increasing users of digital media – which spiked to an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic – it is high time that all dentists made their online presence stronger, regardless of which country they belong to or how big or small their clinic is.

In this post, we will take a look at how social media marketing can lead to overwhelming results for the dentistry professionals. So if you also belong to the same industry, keep scrolling!

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Why many dentists make the grave mistake of not opting for Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

We feel that some dentists do not go for SMM because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of willingness to grow
  • The misconception that hiring professionals to do SMM will burn a hole in the pocket
  • The wrong notion that the ROI won’t be high

Why is Social Media Marketing (SMM)imperative for dentists?

The global dentistry is estimated to grow to over $60 billion by 2024, which implies that as time passes by, dentists are going to witness an increase in the number of patients.

These days, many patients carry out a thorough research while starting off with a new dentist. For this, the patient may look at a number of things ranging from the dentist’s social media presence to their client’s testimonials and reviews.

Imagine a potential client looking up your social media presence to verify whether the testimonials mentioned on your website are as worthy as you portray, and to their dismay they find out that you don’t even have a

dedicated professional page/handle. Would that make a good impression and help acquire new clients? No! Not at all.

This is why a dedicated team for your social media marketing is so important, while you continue to focus on pulling wisdom teeth and performing root canal.

How Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help you build a better relationship with your clients?

  1. Tackling the patients’ fear and phobias – There are a number of ways you can use major social networking portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.First of all, as a dentist, you should acknowledge the patient’s fear and anxiety at even the thought of undergoing any procedure or treatment. Try running eye-catchy advertisements and posts that focus on how painless your treatments are and that most of the fear resides only in the mind of the patients and doesn’t take a physical manifestation. Assuring remarks will surely do wonders and bring patients to you.
  2. Responding to their feedback and taking surveys
    Many customers often drop a review on the social media handles of the services they have taken. While it is highly pleasurable to see positive reviews, make sure that you do not end up denouncing the negative ones and take it on your ego. Go to the root of the problem; ask the patient what problems did they face. Once you know the problems that are bugging patients — through say a survey— you can resolve them at the earliest and drop the probability of receiving negative reviews in the future. Notably, a patient spends, on an average, a sum of $900-$1000 on their dentistry needs each year.
  3. Educating followers with the right practices for good oral hygiene
    Most of the first timers are not well-versed with the right techniques to maintain a good hygiene. For instance, all of us know that flossing is an imperative technique to keep the teeth and gums healthy, but we don’t usually search for it online. However, a good attention-grabbing video shared on your YouTube Channel will not only educate your present followers but also keep bringing in new followers, provided that you keep a steady flow of informative stuff coming in.

SMM for announcing promotions and inviting people

Suppose your clinic is organizing a free dental health check-up camp and you want to spread the word so that the maximum number of people can benefit from it.

However, you do not have the budget to advertise it on television or putting up several banners in the neighborhood. What do you do then? Yes that’s right – you spread the word digitally through social media marketing with a fixed pocket-friendly budget. The best part being that you can let a lot many people know about your clinic, indirectly.

Establish your brand with Social MediaNo matter the size of your clinic, if your ambitions are big, you can surely make a name for yourself.

All you have to do is put in the effort to hire a social media marketing team, which will devise strategies to let the masses know about what you have to offer and how it is different from what others are doing.

Always remember, small businesses become large-scale only with the right sort of marketing!

Target the right audience

Knowing which segment of customers to target is an art in itself and not many people excel at it. For instance, in the dental profession, women are more likely to show up at clinics than men, whilst also strictly adhering to the follow-up schedule.

Therefore whenever you are running a paid campaign which talks and educates about various dental procedures and treatments, make sure the word reaches out to as many women as possible. This will eventually result in higher conversions.

Get Involved

The dental profession is indeed a very busy affair. However, if possible, spare out some time for a live video or a Q&A session with patients, prospects and enthusiasts.

Doing this will not only let you showcase your knowledge on diverse platforms, but also let prospect patients see you in person even before paying your clinic an official visit. Therefore,


always be humble and portray your humorous side to earn a few brownie points!

How SocialGeeks can help you?


So there you have it folks! We hope that now you have a good idea as to how Social Media Marketing can not only help bring in more revenue for your establishment but also cement your presence in times of such cut-throat competition.

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