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Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Yoga Business

Envision a world where yoga business social media marketing was easy…Great news: it is!

In today’s digital world, social media is everywhere. It’s become something many people depend on for news, entertainment, and even to re-connect with long-lost loved ones.

All the more significantly, it’s become a place where businesses can communicate with an audience! Advertisers are now incorporating social media as an integral part of their strategy. According to recent case studies, there are 2.48 billion users on social media. That’s a big market!

So how does this identify to your business? In short, you need a yoga business social media strategy – stats!

Now that you know how big it is, how do you get in on that? Perhaps the best things about social media is that you can learn as you go. The rules are constantly changing and that works in your favor! Create free account and just start creating, posting content – with a little guidance and some trial and error, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Still unsure about how social media can boost your business?


Increase Brand Awareness

Social media exposes you to a new audience. In business terms, those are new leads. But they can’t visit your yoga center if they haven’t heard of you! So, post consistently to stay on top of their minds.

It’s a fine balance between offering something interesting on a regular basis and posting so often that your followers drop off.

Start posting a few times a week and work up to once a day. Check out the engagement to see whether your frequency is where it should be. Keeping your posts consistent will help. Branding your images with your logo or emphasizing a slogan can also help solidify your brand.

Setup Brand Authority

Brand authority is key in growing – and keeping – a solid customer base. People do work/business with organizations that they like and trust basis. The same is true with social media. People are not looking for sales pitches and traditional marketing; they’re searching for meaningful exchanges and knowledgeable posts.

Increase Web Traffic

Increased website traffic? That’s right! Social media can also be used to get more and more people to your website, turning those visits into sales. When a potential customer is invested enough to visit your site, you’ve got them interested in your business! You know your yoga center social media strategy is working when your website traffic increases.



Facebook is still the most popular social platform, with over 1 billion users!

Fans of your page will visit to get updates about your studio, read articles and see photos of what’s new with your business. You need to remember that Facebook is used by most people to connect with friends and family. So, when it comes to using it for business, remember the key is to form a genuine bond with your audience.

How do you incorporate Facebook into your yoga center social media marketing? Start posting a mix of content: blogs with links, video, images, and informational content.

Not getting the response you want? Encourage participation with fun questions, contest, quizzes, or games!

Also, consider tagging other businesses and sharing their relevant content. Their fans will have access to your business that way, providing you with a larger audience. once you start doing this, they might just reciprocate!


Twitter is a completely different platform altogether! It’s a sea of information (in 280 characters or less) being read, liked, and re-tweeted constantly by over 310 million users.

The key with Twitter is to attempt to get as many eyes on your content as you can. With such little text as you can post and so much competition, that’s no easy feat!

Hashtags can help: they sort content so it reaches your target market. Another trick is to use quotes, statistics, or questions to draw attention to your tweets.

Find a way to stand out! While this platform is not about visuals, we still recommend including a photo or video with each tweet anyway. Humans are still visual beings and any attention you might garner from your tweet counts. Reports have shown that tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted!

What’s the best part about Twitter? The re-tweets!

Twitter allows rapid re-tweeting (sharing someone else’s tweet). If someone re-tweets you, it gives you a sort of credibility, almost like a referral. It also showcases your studio’s content to more people.

Shout out to anyone who re-tweets or mentions your business – it’s great social media etiquette and you never know when you might need to collaborate in the future!

Hooray! OK, we’ve covered the basics of social media, now it’s time to get started!


Are you into sharing stories, photos and videos? This platform is a fun one for posting all things pretty, but that’s not all it’s about.

It’s also really engagement focused. In fact, engagement on Instagram has risen to 10x higher than on Facebook and 84x higher than on Twitter!

Get started by creating a business account. Instagram has added some features to make it more user-friendly for businesses. Take advantage of what the business account offers, like a “contact us” button so fans can reach you directly.

How can Instagram help your yoga center social media marketing strategy? Because it’s photo-focused, it’s the perfect place to post striking photos and short, eye-catching videos. Stuck for ideas? Check out your competition and industry specialists for inspiration!

This is the best platform about building relationships, so you want to reply to every comment that’s asking you a question. Interaction is what it’s all about! Similarly, with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of sharing your customers’ content. But be sure to ask permission and credit your source properly. When done well, this can be a fantastic way to build engagement and increase your brand recognition!


At Social Geeks, we know how much work running a business is. That’s why we are here to help!

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