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As we know today’s travel sector is booming and we have a clients of travel industry that they provide best holiday packages of International and Domestic. As you know all, about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram that all using.

Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the three most popular social media channels in the Travel Industry – Facebook for its more than 2 billion users, Twitter for its brevity in communicating messages, and Instagram for its picture capturing functionalities.

It goes without saying that any travel agent who needs to access the millions of potential customers in these social channels will have to come up with creative ideas to market his/her agency.

How to Use the Social Media Platforms 

Facebook – Facebook is the best place to start out when doing social media for your business. Let’s face it, most of your current or potential clients are on Facebook.

This platform makes it really easy to generate new Fans, as you can simply target existing clients on the platform by entering your existing email list into Facebook and target a Page-promoting ad (for minimal cost).

Facebook also makes it super to easy to post and share content with photos to your network to friends and ther family memebers them to travel.

Twitter – Twitter is the best platform for up-to-the-minute news and real-time conversations. If you can build a Twitter following of travel loving individuals it can be a great way to communicate. You can create a network of like-minded individuals where you can share information, articles or deals you have to offer.

Instagram – Instagram is looked at as the most important social network by many travel agents as travel is something that is so easily visually represented. With Instagram you can create a sense of desire and connect with followers emotionally. You can also find those users looking for some dream-worthy photos through the location tag and hashtag features of this platform.

Pinterest – Pinterest is another visual platform perfect for travel agents. You can create pinboards of content that appeals to your clients. You can also link to Facebook and Twitter to increase the awareness of your pins.

What Should You Use Social For?

As a travel agent the social media possibilities are endless. I want to give you a quick glimpse of all the different things you can do on your social accounts.

  • Track what others are saying about you: On the different platforms you can track any mentions you get by others talking about your services. For example, once a client gets back from vacation you can request that they post a recommendation on Twitter “@-mentioning” you or sharing a photo and tagging your page in that photo. This helps to serve as PR for your business, expanding your reach and awareness to new individuals.
  • Promote events and deals: If you’re attending a travel expo, trade show or hosting a client appreciation party, social media is a great way to inform people about it. You can also promote any deals or sales you’re having on specific destinations.
  • Run travel contests: As a travel agent, a social media contest is a fantastic way to drive conversions, gain new followers and generate new leads for the future.


If you are a travel and tourism business creating brand recognition, it is absolutely imperative for you to use social media marketing. Gone are the days when travelers relied on paper guides and agents to plan and book their vacations. In fact, most travelers today are relying more and more on the internet to make purchasing decisions. With social media users reaching billions of people each month (and no, that is definitely not an exaggeration, it’s a real statistic), ignoring social media would be like ignoring TV as a marketing tool in the 1960s!

Engaging travelers on social media will grow your travel and tourism brand name even if you’re a startup, and increase the number of potential travelers who are interested in what you are offering. The best part is that the investment you make is relatively small, and the output for that investment -when the marketing plan is done right- is exponential. Here are five great tips to get you started:


Most social media outlets have realized their potential as marketing tools and now offer advertising opportunities for businesses. By far the most popular and effective one is Facebook, which reaches billions of people every month (and even every day!) and advertises only to people who have shown an interest in your type of product or specific interests that you have identified in your ideal customer. You can pay as little as $5 or invest thousands, it all depends on what you need and what you’re selling.

Other social media experts that offer advertising include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. With a large percentage of the world population actively using at least one of these outlets, not using them for your travel and tourism branding is a huge mistake.


Setting up a blog is a great way to drive traffic into your website, and get people excited about your brand. This is true whether you offer tours, gear, or clothes. By blogging about traveling you can practice some non-invasive advertisement. That is, instead of having a huge ad pop on someone’s screen, you can get them excited to go to a place/try new technology/have an experience, and then subtly tell them that you can provide it.

Note: This is also a great way to boost your SEO ranking.

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