Youtube has been using for just as an entertainment purpose. It was only known for watching videos online and sharing links over social apps. But time has changed now as it becomes more technical and fast. Digital Bharat wants its audience to be resculpted and take a look upon the changed Youtube. YouTube video promotion company in Chandigarh could be the best option to go for.

Now, Youtube is not only limited to watching videos, but it can also do wonders to you if you know all the powers of it. All the influencers have used this social media platform as a weapon against their competitors. To run your business ads for promoting your brand, youtube is the far best option than any other platform.

Why Social Geeks?

Social Geeks, We are a team of passionate Social Media marketers who are the pack of creative storytellers with a business mind. We step up social media accounts for interested peeps out there and help them to reach the maximum reach of their business. Youtube video promotion for your business is as important as your company’s investment. Without any investment you can not start your business, just like that without any social media promoting your business can not get any start.

Here at Social Geeks, we put blood and sweat together to meet your expectations. A trusted company of Chandigarh from the past 8 years. Give us all your business problems and we will dip you into the sea of satisfaction.

How to Contact us

For youtube videos promotion company in Chandigarh, contacts us at the given details on the site. Consequently, we aspire to reach new levels at every stage by marketing strategies that give you a lasting result.

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Before we start further, lets us show you how our team works:


The strategy we follow:

We are glad to do the work with you and help you throughout.

Considered what works: Find out what videos in the market are in trend and have the most views, most comments or most subscribers. What are they doing to engage their audience?

Set Keyword Everywhere: To get the maximum people at your place you need to target them by putting keywords everywhere: Start with your title like “Doodle Arts” then description “How to make Doodle Arts?” Watch the tutorial now!

Further, add related tags like Doodle Arts, Doodle Arts expert, How to make doodle arts, Simple way to create your own doodle. Cartoon doodle arts. Hence, these specifications will help you to clear the vision of your audience and make them settle for you. One must add category too, this will specify the type of service you are providing.

Keep a check on keywords from popular videos:

Did you try the new trend of youtube yet?

keeping an eye on popular trends will never get old because everyone wants to be updated so is your channel needs. Following recent trends and try to find out their focused keywords they are using to reach people. This trick will give you some ideas about how to present your stuff online to make it grow.

Thumbnail Plays the role: You might hear this word before, thumbnail basically a display picture which will be shown when your video will appear in search results or suggestions of people. It does make an equally important impact to attract people. This is the first impression of your work, people will get to see your thumbnail before your video content. So selecting a goof thumbnail can bring all the balls in your court.

Go to your account > My Videos >Edit. Select the thumbnail from the given suggestions from the YouTube itself or you can make it your own. Moreover, you can make a thumbnail that will get you the most attention. By using photoshops you can easily create thumbnails of your choice.

Final Step> Upload the thumbnail and publish the content.

Customize Your Channel: After all the process gets done, you need to focus on the customization of your channel handy. Firstly, complete your about section if it’s still incomplete> Description> Email> Location> Link(Any Social Link).


Then you can customize other things too as you have seen in the above image. Videos, playlist, Discussion and keep monitoring the changes.

Techniques our team is implying

Add your Url to the Description: We will use your URL to the beginning of your video description so people can click on your link and visit your site. That will generate traffic to your site as well as the channel.

Usage of Multiple Calls to Action: Generally call to action is the direct call up for your visitors either new or regular. Must use multiple calls to action.

Subscribe to my videos, Send these videos to your friends, Please rate this video,
Check out my channel, Follow me on Twitter, Find me on Facebook, Please post your comments, Embed this on your site, Vist my blogs for more great videos.

Create Playlists

  1. Add the video to anew playlist
  2. Add great videos on the same topic(from others).
  3. Finally, choose a smart name for the playlist (like your keyword- “Doodle art tips”)

Promote your channel with Google Ads
1. Target your audience (Either new or Retarget the regular one).
2. Prepare the most of ad formats (Ad banners).
3. Further, create ads that work. (Display & Video Ads).
4. Follow a relevant strategy.
5. Understand the results and optimize the campaign.

YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, with more than 1.9 billion active monthly users. Our team has the experience to handle your youtube and other social accounts too in special cells for YouTube video promotion Company in Chandigarh. And in the same way we, Social Geeks can break the ice to get the expected results. Would you like to get in touch with us?

Email us info@socialgeeks.in

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