TikTok, when launched, was all about short videos. With over 1.5 billion worldwide downloads, TikTok has about 120 million active users in India which covers a wide range of young audiences. As a result, when TikTok launched its ad options, it opened up a door of opportunities for digital marketers. Social Geeks is a TikTok Marketing Company in India, based in Chandigarh that will support you with advertisements on TikTok, helping you reach more people than organic distribution. Social Geeks is your cost-effective TikTok marketing solution for your business.

Why Social Geeks for Your TikTok Handle?

We are an expert team of specialized social media marketers who are solution-oriented and globally-minded. Our team will determine your target audience base by using data and insights to reach informed decisions for TikTok Marketing. At Social Geeks, we keep focussing on creativity and content while running paid advertising campaigns for your brand. Our team will assist you with content marketing activities including structuring and executing ideas, to ensure that we catch the user’s attention.

If you already have a social presence, we help with boosting your successful content to reach more people and match with TikTok’s content quality standards.

Consulting, ideas, implementation and production, Social Geeks is a trusted company with years of experience for all your business needs. We help you with all the steps of TikTok marketing.

Before we start further, lets us show you how our team works:


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Why TikTok?

TikTok is, at its core, a video-sharing platform and is the world’s fastest-growing social media application. TikTok users can watch, like, comment and share videos. They can also shoot, edit, and share 15-second videos and upload them with filters, music, animation, special effects, and more.

Since videos are more engaging than texts and images and have a tendency to go viral and trendy, they have a crucial impact on the marketing industry. Therefore, TikTok has strong momentum in the social media sphere.

Since TikTok connects with the young audience in a fun quirky way, it gives the marketers a chance to engage with them on a lighter side and make a promotional breakthrough. According to a survey, social video is shared 1200% more often than text and images combined which means videos can actively generate awareness to your product or service.

Our Tiktok Marketing Services

  • TikTok Posts (Every Alternative Day)
  • Promotion on TikTok for 3 posts.
  • Generate real-time traffic.
  • Help in increasing business insights.

A nice TikTok profile provokes the public to follow and then become regular to your business. Our TikTok marketing team will create trendy and viral videos that will generate awareness for your product or service.

The TikTok Marketing Strategy We Follow:

Social Geeks is aTik Tok marketing company in India that specializes in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image as well as creating loyalty among fans.

Tik Tok Promotion Company India

Market Research: Before starting a campaign, it is very important to research on what is the latest take of social media on the market. Find out what videos in the market are in trend and have the most views, most comments or most subscribers. How are they engaging the customers?

Dabble with Original Content: Making your own original content is a powerful TikTok marketing strategy. Our skilled team of marketers spends lots of time, creativity and resources to make original, content for your brand.

Reaching the Audience: The most basic form of TikTok advertisement is done through images, short video clips and GIF’s which leads to the brand’s landing page. Our team creates and shares eye-catching content to reach the relevant audience.

Engaging with the audience:  User participation is the most engaging mode of an advertisement on TikTok.  The hashtag challenge campaigns, for example, with the right content, can make any marketing strategy popular amongst the users and consumers. Our team puts contacts and ideas, along with being relevant to the message that is getting pushed.

Building a Community: The strategy is not complete until you build your presence on TikTok and a community around your product or service. The main purpose is of our team is to keep trying to post influential videos and creating a community.

How to Contact Us for TikTok Marketing Services

Contact us at the given details for TikTok marketing services in India. We aspire to reach new levels at every stage by marketing strategies that give you a lasting result.
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