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Social media is probably ways to share information with friends, family, coworkers, and customers — there is nothing like never before.

This is especially true for businesses like fitness centers and gyms, which florish with building personal relationships with clients and members. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage with current and potential members, and keep them motivated to keep coming back.

Social Media for your Fitness Center!

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Social Media for Gyms

Social Geeks is one of the India’s leading providers of social media marketing services. We have extensive experience in the fitness industry and have helped gyms all across the world with their marketing activity and sales funnel.

We have tried and tested methods to help your gym increase its profile, generate interest from potential members and help to convert them. We also provide services to help manage and sell merchandise as well as setting up email funnels and other digital services. Here’s an outline of what we can do for you.

Social Media Marketing for Gyms Is a Must for You

With an increasing portion of the world’s population using social media today, it is very clear why local businesses need social media. The target audience that you are looking is likely using social media right now. Here are a couple of significant statistics that you have to know about the use of social media:

  • Around 68% of Americans use Facebook today.
  • Around 74% of Facebook clients check it everyday, and most access it about eight times each day.
  • More than 80% of Twitter users who sent a tweet to a business and got a reply back felt better.
  • There are over 500 million Instagram accounts active daily, and on top of that, brand followers growth increases from 6% to 8% month-over-month.

What do these numbers prove? It’s simple: social media can be a powerful tool that you can use for your business, and you should not miss an opportunity to utilize it and reach your target audience. We are here to help you out with that.

Social Media Strategy for Gyms – Best Practices

Focus on the right social media channels
it’s enticing to attempt to be all over the place but you want to make the most of your social media efforts. Most of the fitness centers should be focusing on posting and engaging in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is not to say that value can’t be found in LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and others, but starting with the 3 biggest channels will bring you the biggest return on your investment of time and dollars.

Start with buyer personas
You’ve got to start your plan with buyer personas. Do you have your buyer personas developed? If not, work on that first to ensure that you will be creating the right kind of content and targeting it to the right audience. You want to focus on reaching your ideal gym members in your social media channels. You’ll be more successful in reaching potential members with persona-based content rather than trying to connect with everybody in general.

Address all stages of the marketing funnel
Your prospects are not all in the same stage of the marketing funnel. Different social content is required for each stage in order to nurture your leads toward the next stage and keep members engaged. Keep your posts varied between the following stages in order to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

  • Strangers – Focus on fan follower generation and advertising to bring new prospects to your profiles
  • Followers – Focus on engagement and blog content to build trust and keep your followers interested in your brand
  • MQLs/SQLs (Marketing/Sales Qualified Leads) – Focus on giveaways and educational gated content to turn a follower into a lead
  • Member Engagement – Focus on in-club events, class information, club updates, closures, and renovations to boost member retention

Create content with our “Eight E’s” in mind.
Follow our daily social media checklist and the following guidelines for social media content that builds community and nurtures potential leads.

  • Educate your audience with fitness and nutrition tips they can use in or out of the gym
  • Establish thought leadership of your fitness brand with credible, knowledgeable content
  • Encourage and inspire members and leads with motivational quotes and stories
  • Engage your audience through questions, comments, and shareable content
  • Evoke an emotional response and connection through authentic content and storytelling
  • Energize and pump up your audience to get active and healthy by heading to your gym
  • Expand community and reach by turning fans into promoters
  • Expedite lead generation through paid targeted social campaigns

Know when to use organic vs. paid content.
Only posting organic content will not reach the number of people you desire or build your community fast enough. You need to be willing to provide social ad budget to boost your reach and bring in leads. Social media content should be a mixture of paid and organic for the best results. Spread your ad budget across boosted posts, Like ads, giveaways, and offers.

These social media best practices are based on our Inbound-Hybrid approach to marketing to bring gyms faster growth. As you put these practices in place, be sure to track the results of your social media and adjust as necessary.

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