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Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

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Social media marketing is something many car dealerships both big and small tend to shy away from.

Often, they leave the social media efforts to the brands they offer (Holden, Ford, Honda, etc.) and under utilize their social channels.

When used correctly and with innovation, social media can be a great way to increase sales, brand awareness, and customer support for car dealers.

Building on Your Online Presence With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always changing, and it takes an experienced team of digital marketers and programmers to keep up with these changes to create the most effective SEO strategy for your dealership.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a term used to describe a websites exposure on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Social Geeks exhausts all possible angles and tactics to ensure your site ranks for the most relevant keywords in your industry. We have a three step approach for search engine optimization in the car dealership field:

Research – What are your dealership’s goals? What is the target demographic of your perfect customer?

Content Creation – Unique content will be created and tailored around your dealership and goals, making it simple for potential clients looking for a car to find you.

Measurement – Around the clock monitoring of your dealership’s SEO analytics is performed so we can get the best results and measure the success of our hard work.

Engage With Customers on Social Media Platforms

Almost everybody has a Facebook profile, Twitter account, or Instagram page. As a car dealership, you don’t want to miss out engaging potential customers on various social media platforms, informing them of new deals, cars, and events. Paid ads on social platforms are a straightforward and effective method for putting your brand in the spotlight. Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about hashtags and posting — we have a team that specialized just on social media for your car dealership.

Expanding Your Online Footprint Using Social Media

Expanding your online footprint using social media marketing is another crucial aspect when it comes to dealerships marketing efforts. We use social media marketing to convey information, build trust, and to be apart of many online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Existing clients and potential clients alike are far more likely to trust and hire a dealership with an active social media presence. We can build and maintain your dealership’s social media presence, and cultivate a wide brand following!

Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Social media campaigns for car dealerships can be divided into two categories: organic and paid. Organic is simply posting content to your channels — videos, stories, updates, and anything else that will be visible on a follower’s feed or on your channel page when directly visited. Some strategies for this approach include:

  • Instagram Stories:Stories on Instagram — and, to a lesser extent, Facebook and YouTube — are a hot marketing trend. They are easy to create, and people are more likely to engage with them than other social media. Stories are perfect to introduce new vehicles in stock, give updates from sales and community engagement events, and simply keep a continual presence on subscribers’ apps.
  • Videos: With so many car shoppers searching for vehicle information on YouTube and other channels, posting video on social media helps steer those people to your content and your brand for such information. YouTube is the obvious channel to feature videos, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may also be used for shorter clips. For special events, consider live video to alert and entice followers to see what’s happening at your dealership — and hopefully come see for themselves.
  • Photos:The rise of Instagram with millennials and Generation Z confirms that simple photos can make an impact with car shoppers. Unlike Stories, which disappear in a day, pictures stay on Instagram and other channels as long as you want, so leads can visit your account and check out photos of vehicles they might be interested in.
  • Engaging followers: Not every social media post needs a sales motive behind it (even if, ultimately, there is one …). Conversations with your followers, highlights from community events, profiles of employees, that family of squirrels living in the tree outside your office — anything that appeals to prospects is a potential post. This will keep people interested in your business, and perhaps they’ll start sharing your content even when they aren’t in the market for a car.
  • Ask for reviews: Today’s online consumer takes reviews seriously. The more favorable comments they see about your dealership on social media (as well as review sites such as Google and Yelp), the more confident they’ll be in learning more about what you can do for them.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Dealerships are allowed to post used-car listings on Facebook Marketplace, thus opening their inventory to a vast pool of users, and also enabling direct chats with potential buyers.

Organic social media should follow a consistent schedule in order to be effective. Posting five posts one week and none the next becomes too unpredictable for followers. Of course, there might be some weeks in which you’ll be posting more than others — for example, during a year-end sale — but take care not to ignore your channels once the sale is over.

Grow Online and See Your Dealership Filled With Cars and Customers

Distance your dealership from the pack. With so many people doing their car shopping homework online, our team here at Social Geeks Marketing combines the most important aspects of online marketing to help your car dealership succeed.

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